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Booking Your Band at PANIC!
Who is PANIC!?
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Who is PANIC!?

"Sixteen, clumsy and shy..."

Well, my name is Eric, I'm 24, and I live in the East Bay. I graduated from SF State in 1999 with a degree in Radio & Television studies. I currently work as a multimedia editor for a small company.

I am the founder & DJ of PANIC! Please visit me while at the club.

Me meeting Morrissey

I still can't believe I met Morrissey. We had a good laugh and I showed him my tattoo.


"Favorites" are hard but I'll have a go at it.

Top 5 Bands

1.) The Smiths & Morrissey
2.) Radiohead
3.) The Cure
4.) Pulp
5.) Joy Division

Top Five Albums

1.) "The Queen is Dead"-The Smtihs
2.) "O.K. Computer"-Radiohead
3.) "Disintigration"-The Cure
4.) "Pet Sounds"-The Beach Boys (though I can't listen to it because it's too sad.)
5.) "Viva Hate"-Morrissey

Top Five Movies

1.) Ed Wood
2.) True Romance
3.) Basquiat
4.) Buffalo '66
5.) Heat