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Who is PANIC!?
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Britpop Indie 60's New Wave Punk


Smiths/Morrissey Joy Division Pulp The Jam Pixies Blur The Clash Depeche Mode Stone Roses The Kinks New Order The Cure Oasis The Rolling Stones Air Suede Dusty Springfield Belle & Sebastian Radiohead The Who Dandy Warhols Supremes The Fall Buzzcocks Pet Shop Boys Siouxsie & The Banshees Placebo Supergrass and more...

If you have stumbled upon this site (for the old PANIC! in San Jose), please re-direct yourself to
for information on the re-launch of PANIC! at the Icon Nightclub in Palo Alto.
PANIC! is the best (or only) night catering to the Britpop, Indie, New Wave, Punk crowd south of San Francisco.

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PANIC! was realized in March 2001 in an effort to bring the best in Britpop, Indie, 60's, New Wave and Punk to the San Jose Bay Area.

If you have any questions or comments, e-mail PANIC! at...

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